Treadly 2 - Belt Alignment

Treadly 2 and Treadly 2 Pro have an auto-alignment feature.

Your unit will arrive with the belt completely aligned. Over time, the belt will shift slightly to the right or the left, as it will align according to your steps (many people are leaning gently either to the left or the right with their steps). That is ok and would not cause any damage to the unit.

There are situations that the belt is aligning too much to one side (see photos), and that can cause unwanted fractions between the belt and the frame itself (you might hear noises coming from the belt, or it could cause an error message, as the unit is not functioning as it should). 




To Align the belt, follow the next steps: 

1) Lift the unit from behind and lean it against the wall. Make sure to fold the handraIl first.

1) Check if the belt is too tight or too firm (to read more about it, click here). Once the belt is firm to touch (not over tighten or over loose), continue to the next step.

2) If the metal rod (as seen in the photo) is overexposed on the right, use the L shaped Allan key you received with you Treadly to spin the screw on the left side clockwise (spin in only half a circle, 180 degrees). If the metal rod is overexposed on the left, screw the right side to the right (clockwise). If you have the app, start the belt and keep it moving for 20-30 seconds (by keep pressing the speed up button). If you don't have the app, put the unit back on the floor and run it via the handrail (keep pressing the speed up button as well). You will see the belt shifting back to the center. If the belt didn't shift enough, repeat the action until the belt is aligned.




3) Once done, check once more that you didn't over tighten the belt. In case you did, loosen it gently by equally rotating it counter clockwise (half a spin at a time) the screws on both sides.  

After you spin the screws once, check again if the belt is still firm, but not over-tighten. If it's not, repeat the action until the belt is properly firm to touch.


Please note: Start with only 1/2 circle spin as instructed, to avoid shifting the belt too much to the other side (If that will happen, you will need to align the belt from the other side. Because the alignment is always done by screwing the blot clockwise on both sides, overdoing it will over tighten the belt, and then you'll need to start over by loosening the belt.

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