Treadly+/ Treadly 2 Pro - How to pair the remote control

Once you entered your unit to pair mode, press the + and - for 5 seconds. The blue light will initially flush rapidly, and will turn solid blue once paired.



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  • How do you enter the pair mode on the unit?

  • I have a similar question.

    What happens when the remote does not flash?

    Issue: Multiple remotes are not connecting to a brand new Treadly 2.

    - Actions taken -

    Research: There are no articles on how to set the remote to pairing mode, within the context of a brand new Treadly. Nor is this located in the manual. I found two unconnected articles and tried to solve the problem as follows.

    1) Put Treadly into pairing mode by holding the pause button for 10 seconds.
    2) Hold down the "+" and "-" on buttons on the remote for 5 to 10 seconds. ^this article

    Result: Remote(s) not connecting and I am getting frustrated.

    This is the 2nd remote with a brand new Treadly 2 (first Treadly arrived with engine noise, had to exchange). I fear I will not be able to easily control walking speed with the handrail down unless I have the remote and I would like to be able to use your product.

    >>>>> I recorded a short video on YouTube for this issue, here <<<<<

    Please update this article and provide the full instruction set, including contingencies for connecting the remote to Treadly 2.


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