How to lubricate Treadly's belt?

We recommend lubricating the belt in an easy to clean area such as a tile floor or a non-carpeted surface.

  • Please make sure your Treadly is unplugged, and the handrail is down.
  • Turn the Treadly on its side (use a soft surface like a towel to lean the Treadly on to avoid any scratches or damage to the side) and use the lubrication bottle that was provided with your unit.
  • Lubricate the 'inner' portion of the belt (the underside of the belt, not the part you walk on).
  • Apply a line of lubrication across the width on the belt back, middle and front portion of the blet). 
  • wait 30 seconds before putting the unit to let the oil "slide" down the inner belt. 
  • Repeat the process on the other side as well.
  • Once finished, place the Treadly back on the ground, and plug the Treadly back in.
  • Begin slowly walking on the belt to be sure the lubrication is equally distributed along the inner belt.








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