Treadly 1 - E6 message displayed

E6 message indicates some interference with the engine's ability to pull the belt.

Is the belt moving freely without any noise and properly aligned?
  • Did you recently align the belt and over tighten the belt?
  • Is the user within the weight limit (up to 220 lbs)
  • Is the unit on a flat surface? (remember, the unit will not function as it should on a rug/carpet).
 to check if your Treadly is on a flat, balanced surface - press the back rail with your foot and see if there is any movement. Your Treadly should be firm on the ground and not shifting or tilting.
  • Is your unit connected directly to the outlet (with no extension cord, without "sharing" the outlet with more electrical devices)?  Try a different outlet as well.

If the issue is not resolved after following the mentioned steps, please contact our customer service for further assistance.    



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