Why is there a noise coming from Treadly?

When working properly, Treadly is almost completely silent. There are a few possibilities suddenly you hear some noise:

  • Make sure the noise is not coming from the engine. Carefully get closer and listen if the noise is coming from the front part (the engine is located under the screen). If the noise is coming from the engine, please contact our customer support for further assistance. 
  • Check if your Treadly is on a flat balanced surface - press the back rail with your foot and see if there is any movement. Your Treadly should be firm on the ground and not shifting or tilting.



  • Check if there is any object stuck under the belt, or in between:





  •  If you are still hearing a noise from the belt, the belt is out of alignment/the belt might not be tight enough.click here to read more about alignment.
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