Treadly 2 Pro - OIL message

When you see an OIL message on your Treadly's screen, it's a built-in feature to remind you to lubricate your unit. The message will appear more frequently than when you actually need to lubricate your unit as a reminder to check it.


Please note: if you lubricated your unit, the OIL message will not disappear on its own. You will need to reset the message with the 'stop' button, regardless.    


You can reset the OIL message by pressing the 'stop' button on your handrail:

-Lift the handrail
-Hold the STOP button down on the handrail for 5-10 seconds
-A "Reset OIL" message should appear.


If you don't see the "Reset Oil" message, please contact our customer support for additional troubleshooting. 


You can set the frequency of the oil message to appear after a defined number of steps (Settings > Maintenance > Maintenance warning > Update). You will see also an option to reset your steps in the same menu. 


How would you know if you need to lubricate? 

Our recommendation is to lubricate the unit every 500,000 steps.  if you feel that the belt is starting to be a bit "stiff", if you are hearing "squeaky" noise, please follow this troubleshooting. If the noise continues, we recommend calling our customer service prior to lubricating the belt.


When lubricating, 7oz (1-2 drops) on each section of the belt (front, middle and back) is enough. Over lubricating might interfere with the engine's ability to pull the belt properly.





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