How do I get my Treadly repaired?

All Treadly treadmills come with a 12-month warranty that covers the cost of repair (parts and labor) starting the day you receive your Treadly. 


If your Treadly needs a repair, please reach out to Team Treadly to confirm, and to assist with arranging for your Treadly to be brought back to our NJ facilities to be repaired by our specialty-trained Treadly technicians. Once received, repairs usually will take 2-3 business days to review and repair as necessary, and if a repair takes longer, or unexpected issues arise during repair, you will be updated by one of our team members accordingly.


If your Treadly is outside of the 12-month warranty and needs a repair, please reach out to Team Treadly who will assist with the steps needed to get your Treadly repaired, which include payment for the repair and round-trip shipping, and transport via ground shipping to and from our NJ facilities.

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