How is my Treadly packaged and shipped?

Once your Treadly order is placed and after all quality checks are completed, your Treadly is packaged securely with proper inner and outer packaging and markings to ensure safe and secure transport. Your Treadly will arrive fully assembled, with protective film over the display.


You will also receive a bottle of lubricant, an Allen wrench key, and depending on the model, a remote (only shipped with the Treadly 2, not the Treadly 2 Pro).

Screen_Shot_2021-07-23_at_10.27.00_AM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-07-23_at_10.25.38_AM.png

All shipping is done via ground shipping (no additional shipping options available) and a signature will be required upon delivery. 


If possible, hold on to all inner and outer packaging for the first 30 days after receipt of your Treadly in case you need to make a return during that time. If you do need new packaging to return, please reach out to Team Treadly for assistance with the purchase of new packaging.


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