What does the E6 or E8 code on my Treadly mean?

An E6 or an E8 message on your Treadly's display indicates some interference with the engine's ability to pull the belt. 


To resolve the issue, follow these steps:

Is the belt moving freely with no noise
  • Is the belt properly aligned
  • Is the belt set to the proper tightness
  • Are all users within the 265 lb weight limit?
  • Is the unit on a hard, flat surface? To check if your Treadly is on a flat, balanced surface - press the back rail with your foot and see if there is any movement. Your Treadly should be firm on the ground and should not shift or tilt.
  • Is the Treadly on a carpet, rug, or mat?
  • Is your unit connected directly to a grounded wall outlet (ex. no extension cord and not "sharing" the outlet with more electrical devices)? Try a different outlet as well.
  • Are the vents (openings found under the motor-side of the Treadly) clean?

If there is no resolution after following these steps, please reach out to Team Treadly directly for further assistance.

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  • Mine started doing it one day. E8 code. For almost an hour. At the same time a pump was being used by a repairman that caused the treadmill to not get sufficient power. Works fine now. Some people may have a new electronic device that might be pulling electricity from the treadmill


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