What does the OIL message mean on my Treadly?

When you see an OIL message on your Treadly's screen, it's a built-in feature to remind you to lubricate your unit. The message typically appears around every 100-125 miles or every 100,000 steps*. 

Please note: if you lubricated your unit, the OIL message will not disappear on its own; you will need to reset the message.


To reset the OIL message:

-Lift and lock the handrail

-Hold the STOP button down on the handrail for 5-10 seconds


-A "Reset OIL" message should appear.


If you don't see the "Reset Oil" message, you can try power-cycling the Treadly: 

- Turn off and unplug the Treadly

- Wait a few minutes

- Plug it into a different outlet and turn it on

- Go for a test walk


If neither of the above addresses the OIL message, please reach out to Team Treadly directly for additional troubleshooting.


*For the 2 Pro, you can set the frequency of the oil message to appear after a defined number of steps via the Treadly app. (Settings > Maintenance > Maintenance warning > Update). You will also see an option to reset your steps on the same menu.

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  • Your instructions for resetting the OIL message is incomplete. After holding the STOP button for 5-10 seconds the Reset OIL message appears. What's next? No instructions given.


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