When do I need to lubricate the belt on my Treadly?

The amount of friction between the running board and the walking belt influences the service life and performance of your Treadly. Treadly’s running board and walking belt have been pre-coated with lubricating silicone oil before shipment. The unit is programmed to display “OIL” as a reminder to lubricate every 100k steps, but this could also vary based on the frequency and usage.


Your Treadly’s maintenance threshold reminder can be changed based on your preference. This adjustment can be made via the Treadly app for Treadly 2 Pro owners by going to Settings > Maintenance > Maintenance warning > Update. You will see also an option to reset your steps in the same menu.

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  • The video shows lube being applied to a towel but never explains what to do with the towel. It also tells you to loosen the belt three turns, but the manual doesn't say anything about loosening the belt. Really, really bad guidance.

  • Your video on oiling the Treadly, with all due respect, is not great. I have a couple of follow-up questions: 

    1. You note to use 0.7 ounces of lubrication oil each time I lubricate my Treadly. And you also say that I should apply the oil in four different spots. Does that mean I am to apply 0.7 ounces in EACH spot? Or am I dividing the 0.7 ounces into 4 and applying that amount to each spot?
    2. What is the purpose of the towel? Am I supposed to use a towel to apply the oil? I don't believe so, but this is confusing.

    Thanks for your help,



  • How is the oil symbol reset on the control handle? Treadly 2 Pro? No wifi.

  • So we put lube on the towel, and do what with it? Rub the front and rear rollers?


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