What does the E2 code on my Treadly mean?

An E2 error code on your display typically means that some general maintenance is required to your Treadly.


To resolve, please follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • Is the belt moving freely with no noise? 

  • Is the user within the weight limit (up to 265lbs)?

  • Is your unit on carpeting?
  • Is your unit on a flat surface? To check if the Treadly is on an even surface, press with your foot on one of the side rails and see if there is any wobbling or movement. The Treadly should be firm on the ground and should not shift or tilt.

  • Check if the belt is aligned. If not, align the belt

  • Check if the belt is set to the proper tightness

  • Make sure the unit is connected directly to the outlet (not with an extension cord). 

  • Turn off your unit, plug it to a different grounded wall outlet, and turn it back on.

If there is no resolution after following these steps, please reach out to Team Treadly directly for further assistance.

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