What should I do if I am hearing an irregular noise from my Treadly?

When your Treadly is operating as it should, there should be minimal noise coming from your Treadly during operation. If you are hearing any irregular noises during use, please try the following:

  • Determine the location of the noise. You can do this by carefully getting close to the area of the engine, which is located right under the display screen.
    • If you can determine that the noise is coming from this area, please turn off and unplug your Treadly and reach out to Team Treadly directly for further assistance.


If determined that the noise is not from the engine, check the following:

  • Make sure your Treadly is on a flat balanced surface. You can do this by lightly tapping the back of your Treadly with your foot to see if there is any movement. Your Treadly should be evenly leveled and should not shift or tilt.


  • Make sure nothing is caught in or around the belt. You can do this by checking between the rails on both sides, and between the bottom of the belt and the hard surface in the middle. You can also check between the metal bar underneath the Treadly. Please refer to the pictures down below for additional guidance.



  • Make sure the belt is properly aligned and at the recommended tightness. A belt that’s off center or too loose can make a rubbing sound.

If you still hear noise after troubleshooting, please prepare a short video that captures that noise that you are experiencing, and reach out to Team Treadly directly by emailing contact@treadly.co so the noise can be diagnosed and resolved by our technical support team.


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