Your Treadly's belt will continue to run as long as the sensors are detecting steps on the belt. If your steps are being counted and displayed, but the belt is stopping after a few seconds, please reach out to Team Treadly directly for further assistance.


If your unit didn't count your steps, then there is some interference with the infra-red sensors that are located along the belt from both sides used to register your feet position to count your steps:

  • The sensors may be blocked due to your belt shifting out of alignment too far to the left or right. Check that the belt is properly centered and aligned.
  • The sensors may be dirty and should be cleaned by taking a dry paper towel and placing it on top of the belt, then sliding it underneath the sides of the Treadly and wiping it down along the length of the belt.locating_sensors.jpg
  • If the sensors are in a direct path of a bright light source (especially sunlight or Fluorescent Lamps with Electronic Ballasts) this can saturate the sensors and cause the unit to pause because it does not recognize you are walking on it. Try blocking or dimming the light that is potentially interfering by turning off the source or moving the unit away, into a darker area.

  • If you are walking with shoes that have reflective strips, that could interfere with the sensors' ability to detect your steps as well. Try using the Treadly with different footwear.reflective_shoe_markings.jpg


Once one or all of the above has been done, you should try to operate the unit via auto mode to verify the sensors are operational all along the belt:

  • Click the switch button on the handrail and put the unit in auto mode (You’ll see an A on the display).
  • Stand behind the back part of the unit, and tap with your foot on the back portion of the belt. 

If you saw a row of horizontal lines appearing on the screen when you tapped, that means the infra-red sensors are working. If not, please reach out to Team Treadly directly for further assistance.

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