What is a group schedule?

By creating a schedule, you notify your group members when you’ll be walking and streaming so that they can join your stream (as viewers or participants). In order for your group members to receive a notification when you go 'live' and stream, the members will have to follow your schedule (regardless if they are members of your group already).


To create your schedule:

1) Choose the group you want to create the schedule in

2) Click ‘Schedule’ from the top menu

3) Click ‘Add Schedule

4) Name your schedule and select the day, start time, duration, and type of workout. 

5) Click ‘Add schedule’ to finish your setup.



How can I join a schedule of other members? 

To join a schedule, you need to be part of a group. To see all the groups you are part of, swipe to the Social screen (the icon of the two people on the bottom), click 'Groups' on the top, and then 'Member' in the sub-menu. Choose the group you want to follow in its schedule. On the next screen, click 'Schedule' and join any schedule you want by clicking the '+' button on the right side of the schedule. 

You will receive a pop-up notification once the scheduled stream you are following is about to start. 


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