What is the purpose of the maintenance feature?

Your Treadly is programmed to present an OIL message on the display (according to a set amount of steps) as a reminder to lubricate the belt. Please note that this is only a reminder and there is no need to lubricate the belt every time you see this message. To learn more about when and how to lubricate the belt, click here. For each user, the recommended lubrication frequency will be different, as it’s based on users’ frequency of use.

In the settings menu, you’ll find a feature called “Maintenance.” From here, you can set the number of steps at which you’d like the OIL message to appear by clicking “Maintenance Warning Threshold” and choosing the desired number of steps. If you click “Reset Warning,” your unit will start counting your steps from zero. This will not reset the overall steps tracked by your Treadly during use.



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  • Does more frequent usage mean the maintenance interval can be more frequent or less frequent?


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