Interactions within a stream

The live stream feature was added to the Treadly app to interact and communicate with other members while you work out. Whether you are the streamer or the viewer, there are several functions you can use to communicate and participate: 

  • You can see comments in real-time from other viewers and add your own (unless you are the streamer, in which case you can only see the comments of your viewers).
  • You can ask to join as a co-streamer by clicking the ‘Step-up’ icon on the top right corner. The host streamer can approve or deny your request. In each stream, up to 5 participants can stream at the same time. If you are the host of the stream, you can click on the ‘Step-up’ and invite viewers from the list. 
  • Once you are an active participant in a stream (and started as a viewer), the ‘Step-up’ icon will change to ‘Step-down’. Click on it if you want to go back to being a viewer only.
  • As the host streamer, you can see who are your viewers by clicking on the eye icon at the top left corner. 
  • For every viewer you click on,  you will see the option to invite them to the stream, remove them as viewers, or ban them completely from your stream. 
  • If you scroll up, you will see your real-time stats.


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