How to control your Treadly during the workout using the app

Before you can control your unit via the app, you need to ensure the two are paired. Once paired, you can start your Treadly workout with five different starting speeds, which you can select from the Control screen on the app. You can also customize each button’s speed by pressing “Customize.” To start your Treadly, press one of the starting speed buttons.



To stop or pause your workout, you’ll need to first pause the workout by pressing the red “Pause” button on the control screen.



Once paused, you’ll then have the option of ending your workout or resuming it. To stop your workout, press “End Walk.” To resume your workout, press “Resume Walk.”


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  • This documentation isn't up to date with the current app. You can change manual to automatic where the Bluetooth symbol is in the top left. This is confusing as a user since my name starts with the letter A. I kept thinking A was a link to my settings and M was another user rather than Manual and Auto. I was going crazy. trying to figure out how to remove the other user and stop the automatic pacing from turning on. The confusion is caused by the fact that the font and styling for the Auto and Manual icon and font are the same as the link to the user profile. The link relies on the follow through the to the treadly control page to make that clear. However, since A and M change via their own touch target, and a double tap takes you to the control page, while a single touch tap on the text of the status is only required it's not clear what A and M are doing. 
    Suggestion to clarify this visual language: (Somewhat clunky since it still relies on the user to make the connection between A and automatic)
    A | Treadly Status
    Automatic & Connected

    M | Treadly Status
    Manual & Connected
    However, returning the A/M icon to the Bluetooth symbol would be more effective since it's a universal symbol. 
    Bluetooth symbol green for connected/ red for Not connected

    Bluetooth symbol | Treadly status

    Bluetooth symbol | Treadly status


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