How to connect your device to your Treadly's Bluetooth speaker?

Your Treadly is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker (next to your display screen). To pair your Bluetooth device (phone/tablet) with the speaker, swipe the control screen and click on the status icon on the top right corner. From there, click on 'Connect' next to 'Speakers', which will open your device's settings. In your device settings, open your Bluetooth menu, select your Treadly’s Bluetooth ID, and enter the default PIN 895571.

If you would like to see the PIN again, just press on the '?' button next to 'Speakers' on the connection screen.



If you want to change your speaker’s password, you can do it by swiping to your Profile screen, clicking on 'Settings' (3 lines icon), and choosing 'Speaker Password' from the list. Click on 'Generate a new password'.


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