How to search for other Treadly members?

The Treadly app's primary goal is to make sure you never walk alone again (unless you want to). 

Currently, other members can only be users who purchased the Treadly 2 Pro. If you have friends that also own a Treadly 2 Pro, you can find them by their username. In case you don't know others who own a Treadly 2 Pro, you will see a suggested list of other users, who you can follow. If a user you are following followed you back, you can invite each other to a Private Walk. 


To find and follow other users, swipe to your profile screen and click the “Add member” icon on the top left corner of the screen. Now you can search for other members by using the ‘Search and See’ member recommendations.



Another option to interact with other members is by joining Groups.



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