How to switch modes on your Treadly from the app

What is the difference between the two modes?

Manual Mode will enable you to control the speed using the app or the handrail buttons while using your Treadly.

Automatic Mode will enable you to control the speed using the belt with your steps (step on the 'Acceleration Zone' near the front of the belt to increase the speed, stay on the 'Constant Zone' in the middle of the belt to maintain the current speed, and step on the 'Deceleration Zone' near the back of the belt to decrease the speed). 

If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with the Manual Mode. The Automatic Mode is for users who already have a good grasp of how to use the Treadly and prefer to control the speed via the walking belt. 

To change the between modes, swipe to the Control Screen on the app. You will see the letter “M” (manual) or “A” (automatic) near the top left of the screen. To switch between modes, simply press the letter that corresponds to the mode you want to enable ('M' for Manual, 'A' for Automatic).





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