How to update my firmware?

What is a firmware update and why do I need to do it?

Treadly's development team is constantly updating the app with new features and bug fixes. Every time there is a newer version, we announce it in our 'Treadly feedback' group (you can check for updates directly via the App Store). For some of the new features to work, you'll need to update the firmware.

To check if there is an update for the firmware, swipe to your profile screen, click the 'Settings' button on the top right (3 lines icon) and choose 'Firmware Update' from the list. If your firmware is updated with the latest available version, you will see a pop-up message about it. If you need to update your firmware, click 'Firmware Update' and choose your Wi-Fi network (at this stage you will need your Wi-Fi password). Then, just wait for the app to update your firmware (you will see the% of the progress of the update in the app, as well as on your Treadly's display screen). 



Please note: your phone needs to be physically near your Treadly to successfully update your firmware.




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