Trade-in program - how to package a Treadly 1 for return


The following article will provide approved Treadly 1 customers the guidelines on how to utilize the new Treadly 2 box as a return package for their Treadly 1. 

Before you package your Treadly 1, remember that due to exterior design differences between the two models, the box and added foams will not match perfectly with your Treadly 1. However, they will fit snugly enough to ensure a safe transit back to our facility. 


Please follow these steps to package your Treadly 1:

Step 1: With the help of another person, remove your new Treadly 2 from the box and packaging:



Step 2: With the help of another person, place your Treadly 1 inside the box as shown in the following images:



Step 3: Place additional foams on top of the unit:



Step 4: Close up box, and secure with tape:



Step 5: Place included return label on the sealed package as pictured below, making sure that any older labels on the packaging are either removed or fully covered:



Step 6: Provide the below information via email to: so the Treadly support team can assist in scheduling a convenient pickup slot and initiate the rebate refund process:

  1. Photo of your packed Treadly 1 
  2. Your Treadly 2 order number
  3. Preferred pickup date and a 4-hour time window (Monday-Friday between 8 am-8 pm). Please note that requests need to be at least 1 business day in advance to accommodate the requested date/time.


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